On average, a person spends 33 years in a bed, which in turn means that we spend quite a bot of time in our beds. And while one paint job isn’t going to last you, the whole-time chances are that it’ll stick around for a while. Therefore, the paint color of your bedroom shouldn’t be selected on a whim. The many hours you will spend in your bedroom will leave a lasting influence on how you feel every day and the mood you are in when you go to sleep or wake up. One should make it a point to make their bedroom a place that restores their energy in the several hours they spend in it. The paint color should be based on a person’s personality.

Consider Your Mood
There are all sorts of expert opinions available on how you can paint your room, but the one thing to consider would be how and what mood do you want to feel in your bedroom? Do you want it to feel cozy? Energized, relaxed? Fresh? Or clean? This is greatly reflected in the paint color that you use to paint it. If you want your bedroom to be a gentle oasis for you, then you should think pastel colors. When you use a color pallet of muted and pastel colors, you create a serene place of self-reflection and relaxation. Bold colors like purple can be softened down to light pastels that will welcome you in.

Amplify The Room Space
While it may seem counter-intuitive to paint a wall black or even use the color black in your bedroom space, but dark colors do have a tendency to make smaller spaces appear larger and can help if your room is lacking natural lighting. It is important to balance the dark, however, with light colors. For instance, add some light-colored bedding and curtains to your room to balance the space out.

A Cool And Comfortable Space
Experts advise to achieve the optimal level of comfort and sleep, and one must keep the space they sleep into an optimal temperature between 60 to 67 degrees. Sleeping with while snuggling with a lot of blankets is especially fun; the temperature is optimal. Painting your room, a cool color helps keep your room and mind relaxed.

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