Maybe you have just bought a log home for yourself, and you have no idea as to why you need to stain your log home now and then. It is essential that you must know how imperative it is to stain the interior walls of your log home effectively. The interior walls require to be stained not only when the house is built but also during the periods of maintenance and renovation.

What staining does is that it keeps the natural color of the wood intact, and this gives the log or wood-house the perfect and natural timber look it deserves. Staining also helps to seal woods of all kinds, and as a result, the wood gets protected from the moisture in the air. Any type of damage to the wood of your home is thus prevented by staining procedures seamlessly.

You should know now that there is a difference between interior and exterior stains. Exterior staining contains fungicide as well as mildewcide as a part of the mixture, but this type of staining is not good for the interior portion of the log home. The painting, drywall and stain experts will help you out in deciding which stain is for exterior use and which one is for interior usage. This is important as exterior stains used in the interior walls can cause problems in the future.

As the logs tend to shrink and crack, it is important to get the walls stained within one year of the home being built. The stain on the walls will gradually wear off, and so you should have a proper maintenance plan to keep these things checked. When a person comes to your house, the first thing that he or she will notice is always the overall interior decoration and the finishing of the walls. Therefore the staining of the interior walls is, of course, your primary concern. The interior finishing of your log home depends on a lot of factors and issues ranging from the quality of the constituents, the application of the stain and its preparation before that and of course the exposure it gets to the different weather conditions.

You can control some of these issues when you are planning the architecture model of your log home. You should make sure that you have extensive overhanging roofs and also porches on the sides of the house so that all this bears the roughest of weather as far as the exterior stains are concerned.

If you choose a stain with a higher pigmentation level, then it will probably help the coloration of the exterior walls last much longer. The decision that you take regarding the fact as to how often you will stain your home is also essential. To get a natural look, the best thing that you can do is choose a stain that matches with the color of your wood, and then you should apply the pigmented finish to even out the color. Finishing and staining of your log home is something that will give your home that definition, and superior look it needs.

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