Interior/Exterior Paint

When planning on painting inside your home, there are many steps to follow for the finest finish. Also, there are many options to look at and different plans for those options. For example, when painting your trim, are you looking for a spray quality finish or a brush type of finish? Little details like that make a big difference in your home. At Trinity Painting, we provide our clients with the best and most professional proposition there is to offer when it comes to house exterior and interior painting services & solutions.

Now the exterior of your house is exposed to harsher climates and debris than the interior. For this reason, it requires a different kind of attention and a different set of skills to be able to paint the house seamlessly. We make sure that every inch of the outside of your home projects your thoughts and ideas. Just like any other type of work, preparation is key and very important so that the project can look its best and remains protected for the whole year.

Painting & Drywall Solutions
Painting & Drywall Solutions

Drywall Installation/Reparation and Compound/Spackle

Drywall and spackle might seem simple and inexpensive, but it’s also very messy and time-consuming. From little holes, dents, and skim coating to walls or ceilings that need replacing, nothing is an issue for us. With years of experience, we know the right layouts and methods to complete a quick and clean job for you effectively. For bigger and newer home projects, we also provide installation of drywall and tapers so you as a client don’t have to waste any time looking for individual companies.


When you decide to stain, the goal is all the same – you want to keep the wood on the surface you need stained, looking good, fresh, and protected. We will help you achieve the perfect look and walk you through the whole process from helping you decide the stain color to prepping the surface and staining it just the right way. And you can leave it to us to do a perfect job that will leave both you and your wood surface contented.

Painting & Drywall Solutions
Painting & Drywall Solutions


If it needs walls, we’ll install it. If it needs painting, we’ll paint it. We are fully insured and provide a comprehensive portfolio of commercial painting NJ, drywall installation, reparation, and compound/spackle services and solutions for our clients.